Round Table Knights — Bio


Round Table Knights

Autumn Mix 2012

DJs, producers, selectors — all these terms pertain to Round Table Knights, the eclectic, highly skilled duo of Biru Bee and Marc Hofweber, so why don't we just call them artists? Hailing from Switzerland, these warriors against the mundane have fought hard in the realm of house music to keep things fresh and support the new in their productions and DJ sets, as well as at their venue, Club Bonsoir. They present the tried and true anew while searching for the untested.


Beginning with a taste in hip-hop, jazz, and electro, Biru and Marc have since paid their dues in the record bins and diversified their mixing palette even further. A deep knowledge spread across years and genres has brought them across the globe to respected venues and festivals such as Panorama Bar, Sónar, Igloofest, and Creamfields. These crowd-whisperers mix for the body and the mind, deftly juxtaposing the cutting-edge and the classic, always locked in the groove.


Meanwhile, their production style has been more or less refined to the realm of house, with a clear inflection of all those other styles they so love. Their tracks bump with an unpretentious experimentalism, devoid of obvious weirdness and bursting with musicality. Say What?!, their debut album released on Made To Play Records, set a high standard that they've been chipping away at with a number of killer singles and EPs dropped on an international range of discerning labels.


Even with such a broad base of experience, Round Table Knights remain wholly un-jaded and still have a long road to travel. Equipped with sharp ears, rich knowledge, and a distinctive catalogue of work, it's clear that they'll always move forward and never lose the crowd along the way.


Jack Colton